My goal is to make your pet’s photo shoot as fun and comfortable as possible while getting the best shots. All sessions will start with some get to know me play time. Once your pet is comfortable, I’ll bring out the camera. I like to take plenty of action shots and close ups! Keep favorite toys on hand so I can capture great expressions! Of course, I always bring my own secret weapons to bring out those expressions! Human family members are welcome to jump in any shots too! So please feel free to do so!  Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and take place either in your home or a park of your choosing!



Celebrate the miracle of the life growing inside you and all the beauty and joy it brings. This is a special time in your life for you to remember and share with your child one day.  I will capture your beauty in timeless elegant photographs creatively designed just for you.

Maternity sessions should be done in your eighth month. We can do them in the privacy of your home or take your natural beauty outdoors for breathtaking shots with Mother Nature. What could be more natural? Dad and kids are welcome to be in the photos too.  It’s up to you!

When your bundle of joy arrives, we should do sessions within the first week of birth to capture the newborn essence and will take place in your home. Sessions are structured around your babies needs. I always make time for cuddling and feeding. I will use a lot of window light to bring out the beauty of your newborn.

Mommies and Babies sessions usually take around 2 hours, but I don’t keep a timer on these. We want to capture the beauty of this time in your life. 

And who doesn't love a good Cake Smash?  When that little bundle turns one, let's celebrate with a Cake Smash session!  Call me for details!  



Let out that inner goddess!!  I believe every woman is beautiful in her own way and deserves photos that reflect her beauty.  Tasteful, elegant and slightly sexy, my images capture the essence of the woman and are appropriate for all viewers.  Give me a call so we can schedule a Boudoir session to capture your beauty.  Sessions are done in the privacy of your home.  We'll play some music and even have a glass wine or a Mimosa if it helps you relax.  We'll make it fun and by the end, you'll feel like the goddess that you are!  What better gift for yourself than to show your true beauty! 



Your private online gallery will consist of 15- 20 photos and a link will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of your photo shoot. You can order directly from your gallery on-line.

Photos may be digitally enhanced at the photographers discretion.

All photos will be impeccably edited to your satisfaction.

Session fees do not include photographs or products.

Each session is designed individually to meet the clients needs.